From "Institute of Sociometry Report", issue #1, San Diego, California MCMXCV, pag.4:

The Institute for Psychogeography

This organization is centered around the Radio Kappa Centrale in Bologna Italy. During their radio show, people requesting a psychogeographic report on a particular location in the city or surrounding countryside. The radio dispatcher then contacts a feild operative who goes to the site. At the sight, anything from a rooftop to a vacant lot, the feild operative gives a psychogeographic report which is broadcast live to over the radio. A psychogeographic report includes, but doesn't seem to be limited to: a description of the physical environment, a description of any kinetic activity or human action visible from the sight, and, a detailed description of the psychological affect the sight has on the feild operative. Evidently, many of the feild operatives are quite eloquent when describing their feelings and relation to the land or physical space. One of the most interesting things about this organization is the fact that every single member has changed his or her name to LUTHER BLISSETT. Recently, some nut was riding his bike across Europe in the shape of the word ART. While in Bologna, on a leg of the R, he was actively recruited by the IPG. In Italy, one of the most popular television shows does exposes on missing people and their loved ones. It is kind of like "America's Most Wanted", except it is designed to help people instead of stir up witch hunts. When the bike rider unexpectedly left, the IPG got national exposure with a "Luther Blissett is missing" story on the program. The network airing the program was flooded with calls from concerned citizens who "know a Luther Blissett". To contact the IPG write to: PO Box 744, 40100 Bologna centrale, Italy (c/o Guglielmi).


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