Last sighting in Bertiolo - He was touring Europe on a bike - Did he turn off to Bosnya? Artists from Bologna and London ask about the last shiftings of an English artist called Harry Kipper, disappeared in Friuli. He is 33 years old, has dark-red hair and magnetic blue eyes. Kipper a.k.a. Luther Blissett was a busker and a conjuror. The latest news about him date back to 10 weeks ago.

The Bolognese artist Federico Guglielmi asserts that the last time Kipper was sighted was in Bertiolo, while he was heading for Trieste. By the middle of October, Kipper telephoned his friend the London novelist Stewart Home and said he was in Bosnya. This was the last call. According to some Italian artists acquainted with him, Kipper was touring Europe on a mountain bike to put into practice an idea of the Friulan Piermario Ciani, i.e. to link several cities by an imaginary line which would eventually trace the word "ART". In summertime Kipper had lodged in Ciani' s house. In the early days of September Kipper moved to Trieste, but it seems he never arrived in there. From 1991 Kipper had been doing this action of "psychogeographical tourism" tracing the "A" from Madrid to London and Tolone; It had taken the two following summers to complete the "R" through Bruxelles, Bonn, Zurich, Geneva and Ancona. At last, in 1994 he had begun the "T" : after reaching Trieste, he had to move to Salzburgh, Berlin, Warsaw and back again to Amsterdam. Instead, he apparently did an inexplicable detour to Bosnya, and disappeared.