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The open pop star & its enemies.

After a match in which Ruud Gullit scored 2 times, at the haydays of his football career in Italy, a hysterical crowd was gathering around him, begging for a autograph while screaming Goellid Goellid at him up to the point of instant ear damage. Even though it was a common thing, this particularly day he found it irritating & while faking anger, he started shouting at them in his best Italian, saying that he was not 'Goellid' but Luther Blissett. To his amazement the tifosi ran off without hesitation. Off course this shouldn't happen to often, but when Gullit & his fellow AC Milan players noticed this was a good way to scare off the millions of intrusive fans which surrounded them everywhere they went, they started to use this name as a way of maintaining some privacy. After a short but intensive few weeks of celebrity football players calling themselves Luther Blissett the effect of this trick started fading, but the name had been put in the general intellect of the Italian people & from this connotations, holding in mind that there had been a real Luther Blissett, an Briton playing for Juventus in the begin '80-ties & who was considered to be a nice guy, Popper-ites, spread in location throughout every major city in Italy started calling themselves Luther Blissett & out of this the open pop star Luther blissett as we know it today was molded. People from every social background adopted the name for a whole range of activities. Neighbourhood comities, grassroots organisations, writers, cultural projects, paranoid prophets, political factions, Virgin Maria snatchers, anonymous guru's, everybody who wanted to promote a cause or idea more important than their ego, recognized the multiple personality of Luther Blissett as a way to use collectively generated fame for there own ends. In Italy it has come this far that Eros Rammazotti, when playing in Trento, the unsuspected, heart of the phenomena, he sells more concert tickets when he is announced as Luther Blissett than as himself.

It has been said that Luther Blissett, the identity falsification at work, is perhaps the only good thing that ever came from football. Only few people are aware of the enormous truth behind this statement.Because of the large Italian communities in Germany & England the fame of Luther Blissett spread there as well. At this moment, using an Italian restaurant in Utrecht, Holland, as head quarter, Luther Blissett is now spreading the concept of the open pop star in the country which gave 2 Unlimited to the world & where the Venga Boys should be eaten alive by wild beasts.

The fame of, say, Mariah Carey is Mariah Carey herself, not her drooling into the microphone but her overt anorexia combined with big breast extravaganza hardly controlled by her tight sweaters in sexually orchestrated video clips. She is a star because she is a star & therefore you hear her sing her songs from passing cars on summer evenings & you see exorbitant skinny girls everywhere, wearing exorbitant tight sweaters trying to be star by looking like one. For the fat, the moustached, the crippled, the hunchbacked & the dermatological suffered there is nothing left then to playback in sad confined loneliness in front of their mirror or substituted fame in decaying styles like fusion or country & western.It is this injustice of fame being only distributed to the ludicrous Puff Daddy's & mentally retarded Britney Spears of this world which Luther Blissett wants to end & Celine Dion should be beheaded.

The use of the name Luther Blissett involves a win/win situation to all participants in the pop environment. For the producers of culture because it's now possible for the first time In history to get somewhere without years of licking yourself into the industry with humiliating auditioning, strategical fellatio of 40 something gentlemen on key position & publicity related slave labour in damp studio's & inferior venues. Now they can simply plug into the fame of social equalizer Luther Blissett. But also for the vampire public which is only interested in proven quality of household names on one hand & is always looking for new take-away talent to suck dry on the other. For them also Luther Blissett is a welcome new target because it's combining the strength of recognition with endless differentiation, but all this without the Led Zeppelin-like star induced behaviour we all know & hate. Luther blissett isn't going to throw girls out of 3rth floor hotel windows. Just as Luther Blissett will never indulge in the ego cultus & self love of guitarist-junkies & spoiled television-food we know as being identical to star status. Luther Blissett simply lacks the arrogant self-awareness of people like Bono or Madonna, who have been exposed too long to media fame, up to the point that they have started to think that their petty opinions are of any importance & forget that their achievements are very small compared to the horror museum of fans they have seen to compile: a grey obnoxious mass in which good taste is to be found only with a torchlight & a chainsaw.Stars who have made millions of hard cash & never the less wage war on crumbs called MP3. Gesamtkunstwerk Luther Blissett has got nothing to do with all this childish waste of time & them Metallica boys should see their own instruments penetrated into their own rectums.

My name is Luther Blissett & what's your name?