Late February 1999

Luther Blissett's Red Notebooks

Luther Blissett's new magazine is called "Quaderni Rossi di Luther Blissett" [Luther Blissett's Red Notebooks]. They are named after the seminal early 1960's operaista (proto-Autonomous) journal and completely devoted to LB's self-historification and reports from other countries.

The first issue (Summer '98) included a section on the German book 'Handbuch der Kommunicationsguerilla' (Communication Guerrilla Handbook, authored by Autonome Afrika Gruppe, Luther Blissett and Sonja Bruenzels), including Florian Cramer's wicked review of it.

The second issue (Autumn 1998) included reports from the Spanish/Catalan scene. [Down there, Luther Blissett is promoting a Huelga de Arte [art strike].

The third issue is in the press now and will be devoted to the "Musti affair" (i.e. the libel suit against the presumed author of Lasciate Che I Bimbi, more info at).