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Here is a resume of the data collected about Luther Blissett's life by The Library of The Invisible College. The first file comes from Russia, where Blissett was first arrested in Baku. The police confiscated several computer disks from his appartment and charged him with insulting the honor and dignity of the President. Luther Blissett was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison. He escaped the following year and fled to China. There, active in the underground literary movement, Blissett has been repeatedly harassed by the Chinese government until he fled. Settling for a brief period in Indonesia on his way to Peru, Luther Blissett was hired (then dismissed) as professor of development studies at Satya Wacana University -- most likely for leading a faculty protest after university trustees ignored his recommendation for a new rector and chose someone who was considered by Blissett too close to the government. Charged with "collaborating with terrorism" in Peru, he was sentenced to twenty years in prison despite a complete absence of incriminating evidence. The trial was conducted in Peru's infamous "faceless" court system where prosecutors and judges operate behind one-way glass walls. But for obscure reasons, the Supreme Court annulled the conviction. After hearing the verdict, Luther Blissett simply said: "Time is The Invisible College". Peruvian journalists are still using Blissett's ordeal to publicize cases about innocent prisoners. The archives of The Invisible College loose track of Blissett until his arrestation seven years later as part of a massive roundup of alleged members of a pro-North Korea "spy ring". He was held for questioning for several days without sleep. He was beaten, stripped naked, forced to stand in awkward positions for long periods, and made to crawl on the floor with his hands bound behind him and his head on the floor. It is related by a certain Mr. Choi (one of the inmates who was with Blissett at the time & helped him escape to Iran) that during this torture session that lasted more than a week Luther Blissett "never stopped laughing". It is in Iran that Luther Blissett declared on radio that "The Invisible College is The Invisible College". Consequently, the Islamic Republic declared him an enemy, leaving him no choice but to go into hiding and flee the country. In his peaceful Vietnam phase, that lasted several years, Luther Blissett wrote extensive personal memoirs which include comments on the Invisible College's policy towards efforts to suppress the Unified Buddhist Church. This document (that vanished, like most of Blissett's writing) nonetheless prompted him to leave the country with the teenage daughter of a businessman from Zaire. In that country, Blissett was arrested five times in four years for printing information which was critical of the government. During detention, he was tortured with electric shocks and beaten with machine guns. The Canadian Embassy in Zaire helped him move to Kazakhstan, where he is said to have written of the epic story tellers and folk people of Kyrgyz. He was imprisoned for six months as a member of the Social Turan Party, though the party did not exist. He escaped to Jordan and in Amman, he continued to write and give public readings about "The unexistence of The Invisible College"... until his alleged assasination by an Interpol agent, when he would have learned that Blissett was sleeping with his twelve year-old daughter. The body of Luther Blissett has never been found.