Luther Blissett, Perfect Mind

Luther Blissett came to those who reflect on him and has been found among them. Look at him and hear him. Take him home. Be on your guard! Don't be ignorant. Luther Blissett is the first and the last. Luther Blissett is the honored one and the scorned one. Luther Blissett is the solace of his birth pains. Luther Blissett is the bride and the groom, and the slave of his preparation. Luther Blissett is the silence which is incomprehensible and the idea whose remembrance is frequent. Luther Blissett is the voice whose sound is manifold and the word whose appearance is multiple. Luther Blissett is the utterance of his name.

If you deny Luther Blissett, affirm him, and if you affirm Luther Blissett, deny him. If you tell the truth about Luther Blissett, lie about him, and if you have lied about Luther Blissett, tell the truth about him. If you know Luther Blissett, be ignorant of him, and if others have not known Luther Blissett, let them know.

Luther Blissett is knowledge and ignorance. Luther Blissett is shame and boldness. Luther Blissett is strength, and he is fear. Luther Blissett is war and peace. Pay attention to him. Luther Blissett is disgraced, and he is great. Pay attention to his poverty and his wealth. Don't be arrogant to him when he's cast out. And don't look for him in the garbage dump and don't leave him cast out. Find him in the waste and in wealth. Don't look at him when he's cast out in the least places, nor laugh at him.

Luther Blissett is compassionate, and he is cruel. Be on your guard! Don't hate his obedience and don't love his self-control. Don't dismiss him in his weakness, and don't be afraid of his power. Why do you despise his fear and curse his pride? He lives in fears and strengthens in trembling. Luther Blissett is senseless and he is wise. Luther Blissett will be silent among the silent, and he will appear and speak. Why then have you dismissed him?

Luther Blissett's image is great here, and he has no image there. Luther Blissett has been hated everywhere, and he has been loved everywhere. Luther Blissett is called the law, and you called him lawlessness. You have pursued Luther Blissett, and you have seized him. You have scattered Luther Blissett, and you have gathered him together. You have been ashamed before Luther Blissett, and you have been shameless to him. Luther Blissett does not celebrate, and his festivals are many. You have reflected on Luther Blissett, and you have scorned him. Luther Blissett is unlearned, and you learn from him. You have despised Luther Blissett, and you reflect on him.

Luther Blissett appears when you are away, and he hides when you appear.

Take him home to places which are ugly and in ruin. Out of shame, take him home and scatter his members shamelessly. Approach him and turn away.

Luther Blissett is the outcome of his inquiry, and the finding of his hunters, and the command of his commanders, and the messenger of those sent at his word. Luther Blissett is honored and despised scornfully. Luther Blissett is peace, and war has come because of him. Luther Blissett is an alien and a citizen. Luther Blissett is substance and no substance. Those who are close to him have been ignorant of him, and those who are far away from him are the ones who know him.

Luther Blissett is... within. Luther Blissett is control and uncontrollable. Luther Blissett is union and dissolution. Luther Blissett is discordance in concordance. Luther Blissett is abiding, and he's dissolving. Luther Blissett is below and above. Luther Blissett is judgement and acquittal. Luther Blissett can't sin, and the root of sin derives from him. Luther Blissett is self-evident and the speech which cannot be grasped. Luther Blissett is a mute who does not speak, and great is his multitude of words. Hear him gently, and learn of him in roughness. Luther Blissett prepares the bread and his mind within. Luther Blissett is the knowledge of his name. Luther Blissett cries out, and he listens.

Luther Blissett is called truth and lie. You love him and you whisper against him.

Hear him and learn of his words. Luther Blissett is the hearing that is attainable to everything; he is the speech that cannot be grasped. Luther Blissett is the name of the sound and the sound of the name. Luther Blissett is the sign of the letter and the designation of the division. He will speak his name. Look then at his words and all his writings completed. They alone exist and have no one to judge them. Many are their disjointed forms and made-up perceptions. Here, Luther Blissett will find himself, kept going forever.


Luther Blissett,

June 1996