A Luther Blissett Manifesto, 1995

"Luther Blissett" is shorthand for an operator, "L", which may be applied to an individual human life "I". Each application of this operator is equivalent to a naming operation "N" which maps the "naming operation generically" to the individual human's life as if it were a point in a set under that operation. Thus the transformation rules for the continuum itself is collapsed to one of it's points, where the continuum is human life. All that sustains this collapse is self-consciousness, which, when withdrawn, paradoxically leaves LN as n.

Because objectification has been formalized to such n extent, the proofs of arguments against this transformation are not possessed. ("I" is a general state of weakness against objectification). Thus a flaw in operation "N" is exposed s a half-measure--pragmatic self-reference in "N", ie. "L" (NOTE: This seizes on the following weakness: "N" must be defined loosely enough to admit an N of N, for general usage to be possible. Natural language cannot exclude border cases).

Repeated applications of operator "L" obscure the decidability of "N", and its separability from "NI". The obscurity in denotational connection propagates upward at the exact point where it is under-specified in natural language.

Our illusion of "we" versus their illusion of "we."

The ecstatic or hallowed state shows the undecidability of "N" directly, without the other apperatus, in the contents of every perception.


- Luther Blissett


Sorry this is probably not easy in Italian!


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