It's a common misconception that Luther Blissett is bisexual. Those who have heard of Blissett's torrid affairs with Karen Eliot and Monty Cantsin put two and two together and, of course, miscalculated. Blissett is not bisexual but rathe AMBIsexual. He or, as the case may be, she has never been content with the rather easy task of routing gender from the cultural superstructure of sexual orientation and the sexual division of labor. Liberation from culture is only the prelude. The feminists are, as usual, wrong. Gender has to be hunted down in its BIOLOGICAL lair. Gender must be understood as a SITUATION to be created and recreated at will: an ever mutable choice. Transcending gender and transcending TRANSgender, Luther Blissett is by turns male and female (and, it goes without saying, by turns heterosexual and homosexual) for the full realization of HUMANIMAL being.

Recently Blissett made an unexpected and, indeed, unexplained foray into upstate New York. How the stalwart neo-neoist arrived in the state capitol, Albany, remains a mistery. This was at the very time when the terrorist threats of the post-situationist "Unabomber" (actually a Toronto-based anarcho-pagan collective) had induced the American authorities to impose rigid security restrictions on air travel. Rumor has it that the Association of Autonomous Astronauts may have furnished transport, with arrangements on the ground secured by the Albany Art Strike Action Committee, what AASAC militant Bob Black calls "flying in under their radar."

However Blissett pulled it off, he (or she) carried out several operations, or so the scuttlebutt has it. Speculation early circulated to the effect that Blissett (presumably in cahoots with tha Autonomous Astronauts) had something to do with the downing of the Goodyear Blimp in an Albany bedroom suburb (the story was hushed up by the media). What seems reasonably well-verified, however, is Blissett's intervention in the ever-tangled punk/skinhead scene.

Punks are stupid. Skinheads are punks who are so stupid, they make stupid look smart. This is why punks are so happy to have skinheads to fight with. Punks embrace moronic left-wing ideologies. Skinheads embrace moronic right-wing ideologies. Luther Blissett cuts the crap. He (or she) understands that these kids are encased in character-armor. Blissett knew that gender anxiety was the ARCHIMEDEAN POINT from which to lever the skinheads out of their misery. But they also required a show of strength.

Blissett therefore manifested as a woman and took a skinhead's head (photo enclosed). It was necessary to demonstrate the autonomous power of women to this all-male, sex-starved milieu. We have not been able to identify the slain skinhead. It hardly matters. To be a skinhead is to abdicate individual identity, so it scarcely matters which skinhead was eliminated as a lesson to the others. Luther Blissett isn't always right. But he's never wrong.


Luther Blissett, July 1995


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